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Indian Path Joint Replacement Center
Plan of Care

The Total Joint Care Team

The total Joint Care team will be responsible for your care needs from the pre-operative course through discharge and post-discharge follow-up.

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The Total Joint Care Team will:

  • Obtain medical history
  • Assess your needs at home including caregiver availability
  • Coordinate your discharge plan to outpatient services, home or a sub-acute facility
  • Assist you in getting answers to insurance questions

  • Answer questiosn and coordinate your hospital care

You may call DeDe Hope, the Joint Program Coordinator, before or after surgery to ask any questions or raise concerns about your surgery at (423)857-7699.  Please leave a message and your call will be returend as soon as possible.

Before Surgery

Obtain laboratory Test - Pre-admission testing (PAT)

When you were scheduled for surgery your physician's office also scheduled you for preadmission testing (PAT).  Follow the instructions given toyou at your physician's office and report to Same Day Surgery Center at the Johnson City Medical Center at the apporpriate time. When you report for pre-admission testing you will be asked the following information in order to pre-register you for surgery:

  • Patient's full legal name and address, including county
  • Home phone number
  • Bring your current insurance card and driver's license or photo ID
  • Patient's employer, address, phone number and occupation
  • Emergency contact information (name, address and phone number)
  • Current medication list (bottles preferable) for accuracy

Pre-Admission Testing will include:

  • Obtain Medical History
  • Assess & Plan for your specific care needs such as anesthesia and medical clearance for surgery
  • Complete testing: labwork, EKG and chest X-ray

Billing For Services

After your procedure, you will receive separate bills from the surgeon, anesthesiologist and the hospital.

Start Preoperative Exercises

Many patients with arthritis favor their joints and thus become weaker. This interferes with their recovery. It is important that you begin an exercise program before surgery.