Functional Testing

Mountain States Rehabilitation is the area’s provider of the most comprehensive, functional employment testing program. The WorkSTEPS protocol utilized at Mountain States Rehabilitation is ADA/EEOC compliant and provides a selective hiring process that:

  • Is based on objective measures
  • Is reliable and defensible
  • Matches safe and physically qualified individuals to their jobs
  • Prevents injuries and associated costs
  • Measures extent of pre-existing conditions
  • Has a 7% - 12% applicant fail rate
  • Reduces turnover
  • Provides ergonomic education
  • Virtually eliminates
    fraudulent claims
  • Provides a capable/incapable
    score on every test

If baseline data is never recorded,
companies have no choice but to
assume the employee was in perfect
condition upon hire. Why pay to
rehabilitate an employee to 100%
if they began work with pre-existing
conditions? The baseline data from
the musculoskeletal portion of our
pre-employment test records this
vital information.

Job Analysis

A functional job analysis is developed for each job, based on observation of the task performed and employee feedback. Each task is broken down into measurable components of sitting, standing, kneeling, reaching, bending, etc. In addition, risk factors such as repetition, force and awkward posture are evaluated for each task. Job analysis can be utilized for:

  • Determining essential job functions
  • Hiring decisions
  • Rate-of-pay decisions
  • Development of light-duty positions
  • Facilitating successful return to work

After a job analysis is completed and the essential functions of the job are established, candidates are tested in our Mountain States Rehabilitation clinics, where they perform these job-specific tasks. Each person is found to be "capable" or "incapable" of performing these job tasks before becoming a liability to the company.

" Having the WorkSTEPS system in place makes it easy for us to ensure that we are hiring and placing employees in jobs/functions that they can physically perform. "

Tom Segelhorst
HR/Health and Safety Manager
Domtar Paper Co.
Kingsport, Tenn.


Ergonomic Evaluations

It has been estimated that for most companies, "people cost" (salaries, benefits, etc.) represent more than 90% of their expenses. Difficult work conditions have an adverse effect on both the employee and the company. Both industrial and office evaluations have proven to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease injuries

Our trained professionals at Mountain States Rehabilitation can personally analyze your employees at each specific workstation to ensure that the conditions are ergonomically efficient.

Employee Education

Mountain States Rehabilitation believes in a proactive approach. Programs are aimed at raising awareness of safety issues with educational classes that focus on joint care, repetitive injuries, and strains and sprains. Educational information/ classes can be constructed to meet your needs.

Common classes include:

  • Protecting your back
  • Good lifting techniques
  • Stretching programs

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