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Gregory Corradino, MD

Dr. Corradino is one of a handful of surgeons who perform selective endoscopic discectomy, a minimally invasive procedure that uses an endoscope to treat herniated, protruded, extruded or degenerative discs that are a contributing factor in leg and back pain. Dr. Corradino also performs cervical and lumbar spine fusion, discectomy, kyphoplasty, X-Stop and endoscopic carpal tunnel.

He also serves as an Advanced Trauma Life Support instructor and has had several articles published in professional journals.

Dr. Corradino completed postgraduate training in general surgery at Boston University Affiliated Hospitals, Boston; and in neurosurgery at the University of Maryland Hospital, Baltimore.

Galen Smith, MD

Dr. Smith has extensive experience in performing cervical and lumbar spine surgery, including spine fusion, X-Stop, kyphoplasty and surgical correction of scoliosis.

He is a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves.

Dr. Smith has been with Appalachian Orthopaedic Associates since July 1983.

Carol Trent, MD

Dr. Trent is licensed in South Carolina and Tennessee.

He practiced in South Carolina for 21 years and joined Appalachian Orthopaedic Associates in 2004.

Dr. Trent specializes in lumbar spine surgery, including fusion, X-Stop and kyphoplasty.