Motor and sensory functionsLeft and Right Hemispheres

The human brain is divided into several parts that control movement and sensory function,   or how the body moves and feels. This picture of the left side of the brain shows some of these areas. When a stroke damages a certain part of the brain, that area may no longer work as well as it did before the stroke. This can cause problems with walking, speaking, seeing or feeling.


The left side, or hemisphere, of the brain controls how the opposite (right side) of the body moves and feels, and is responsible for how well we can figure out problems with science, understanding what we read and what we hear people say, number skills such as adding and subtracting, and reasoning.

The right side of the brain
controls the movements and
feelings on the left side of
the body and is in  charge
of how artistic we are,
including musical and
creative  talents.


Stroke Risk Scorecard