Black Lung Program

Outpatient Services 24/7 Referral Hotline: 855-673-3376

Mountain States Healthy Alliance has been certified by the Department of Labor for black lung screening/diagnostics and pulmonary rehab programs.

Process for providers to refer to our Black Lung Program:

 Black Lung
 Durable Medical Equipment
 Laboratory Services
 Orthotic & Diabetic Foot Program

  • Call referrals to 855-673-3376
  • We will ask a few simple questions and we will follow up with provider and patient directly 
  • for DOL exams call 276-439-1365
Our Workers' Compensation program was designed specifically to meet the requirement of the Department of Labor but can  provide medical care for any miner with black lung.

Miners awarded disability benefits through the Federal Black Lung Program will have a "miner's card" or Department of Labor card.
 Sleep Disorders
 Wound Care / Hyperbarics
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Our Federal Black Lung Services Include:

  • Federally approved diagnostic testing at Norton Community Hospital 276-439-1373
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Prescription medications
  • Home health / hospice
  • Sleep disorder testing
  • Clinical education


Federal Department of Labor Offices:
  • Virginia residents 800-347-3754
  • West Virginia residents:
  • North Carolina and Tennessee residents: 800-366-4628
  • Kentucky residents

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

 Virginia Address 
Johnston Memorial Hospital      16000 Johnston Memorial Drive, Abingdon 
Russell County Medical Center (coming soon)  58 Carroll Street, Lebanon
Norton Community Hospital  100 15th St. NW, Norton
Smyth County Community Hospital  245 Medical Park Drive, Marion
Johnson City Medical Center      400 N. State of Franklin Rd,  Johnson City