Diabetic and Orthotic Foot Programs 

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What is an orthotic and why would I need one?

Orthotics are custom-made shoe inserts prescribed by an MD, a DO or a podiatrist with the purpose of achieving and maintaining proper foot alignment. With correct alignment, pain in the foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back may be alleviated or drastically reduced. As we age, the biomechanics of our feet change and may begin to cause significant discomfort in other joints due to changing a gait pattern or stride in attempt to reduce the pain in the foot.   

Proper foot care is of the utmost importance for people with diabetes. Each of the following should be performed daily:

  • Proper skin care and good hygiene
  • Daily inspection of feet and toenails (Use a mirror to check the bottom and sides of both feet. Look for reddened area, blisters, sores or cracks.)

Proper footwear with a custom diabetic insole with arch support also is critical to long-term health.

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It is important that diabetic patients with foot problems be properly diagnosed and prescribed an orthotic by a podiatrist or a trained MD or DO to avoid potential injuries or infections. The Outpatient Wound Care Center, in conjunction with the Mountain States Rehabilitation clinics, has trained team members who can evaluate, fit and treat your specific needs.  

Mountain States Orthotics Program

Mountain States Rehabilitation offers custom heat-molded orthotics designed to correct foot biomechanic abnormalities. When prescribed by your provider, a thorough evaluation of the feet and gait pattern will be performed by a therapist to determine the appropriate insert to correct the deformity.

With proper education and gait training, patient may return to a pain-free functional lifestyle. We also offer heat-molded orthotics which can be customized to relieve pressure and disperse weight more evenly in the foot while in a load-bearing position such as standing or walking. In addition, we offer a nice selection of diabetic shoes to ensure that your diabetic patients are always in the most appropriate footwear to protect their feet.