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Outpatient Services 24/7 Referral Hotline: 855-673-3376

What is Compounding?

Compounding is the creation of a particular pharmaceutical product to fit the unique need of a patient.  Compounding pharmacists combine or process appropriate ingredients using various tools. This may be done for medically necessary reasons:

  • change the form of the medication from a solid pill to a liquid
  • avoid an ingredient that a patient is allergic to
  • obtain the exact dose needed
  • adding flavors to a medication

Compounded medications can include:

  • Homones
  • Diaper rash ointment
  • Radiation burn cream
  • Wound gel
  • Neuropathy gel
  • suppositories
  • Troches for ED
  • Oncology pain gel
  • Tetracaine lollipops
  • Suspensions
  • Mouthwash
  • Much more 

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Pharmacy Services

  • Free next-day delivery (Johnson City & Kingsport)
  • Home infusion services
  • Hospice comfort care kits
  • Nebulizers (billable to TennCare)
  • Immunizations
  • Auto refill
  • Certified diabetes educator
  • Worker's compensation
  • Insurance assistance program (formerly Ryan White, St. Jude)
  • Manual medical billing
  • 24 hour on-call pharmacist for emergencies
  • Mountain States Pharmacy Savings Plan
  • Free worksite delivery (based on employer agreement

Mountain States Pharmacy Locations

Tennessee Address  Phone 
Mountain States Pharmacy at Johnson City Medical Center 400 N. State of Franklin Rd., Johnson City 423-431-2140
Mountain States Pharmacy 523 N. State of Franklin Rd, Johnson City 423-926-6154
Mountain States Pharmacy 1657 E. Stone Drive, Kingsport 423-247-2126
Virginia Address  Phone 
Mountain States Pharmacy at Johnston Memorial Hospital 16000 Johnston Memorial Drive, Abingdon 276-258-1990
Mountain States Pharmacy 96 15th St, Norton 276-439-1360