Sleep Disorders 

Outpatient Services 24/7 Referral Hotline: 855-673-3376

Did you know?

  • 50% of congestive heart failure patients have sleep apnea.
  • 80% of diabetic patients were found to have undiagnosed moderate to severe sleep apnea.  
  • 50% of hypertensive patients have undiagnosed sleep apnea.
  • People with untreated sleep apnea have twice the risk of stroke.
  • People with untreated sleep apnea have five times the risk of a fatal heart attack.
  • People with untreated sleep apnea have six times the risk of being involved in a serious or fatal traffic accident.
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We can help

The sleep experts at Mountain States Center for Sleep Disorders can help diagnose and treat sleep disorders with:

  • Home Sleep Testing (HST) in the comfort of your home
  • Sleep disorder consultations with board-certified sleep physicians and supervised sleep clinicians
  • CPAP management and follow-up
  • In-lab sleep diagnostic testing for sleep apnea, undetermined excessive daytime sleepiness, restless leg syndrome and insomnia
  • Mountain States Health Alliance AASM-accredited Sleep Labs throughout Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.
  • Papnaps: Short in-lab cardiorespiratory recordings with counseling regarding use of equipment, resulting in a higher level of compliance.

Sleep Labs

Tennessee Address  Phone  Fax 
IPMC Sleep Disorders Lab 2205 Pavilion Dr., Suite 205, Kingsport 423-857-7011 423-857-7018
JCMC Center for Sleep Disorders 310 N. State of Franklin Rd, Suite 301, Johnson City 423-431-6816 423-431-2983
Virginia Address  Phone  Fax 
NCH Sleep Lab 100 15th St. NW, Norton 276-439-1498 276-439-1499
JMH Center for Sleep Disorders 320 E. Valley  St., Abingdon 276-676-3360 276-676-2710
RCMC Center for Sleep Disorders Carrol & Tate Streets, Lebanon 276-883-8000 276-676-2170
SCCH Center for Sleep Disorders 245 Medical Park Drive, Marion 276-378-1140 276-378-1145