If you are happy with the Medicare coverage you have, you can keep it exactly the same. Or, you can choose to enroll in new options. No matter what you decide, you are still in the Medicare program.

Medicare will contract with private companies to offer new drug discount drug cards until a Medicare prescription drug benefit starts in 2006. You may enroll through December 2005.

You are eligible for benefits if:

  • You are enrolled in Medicare part A or B
  • Not receiving Medicaid prescription drug coverage
  • Not already receiving TennCare benefits along with Medicare benefits

A $600 annual credit will be available if your income level is:

  • Less then $12,569 for a single person
  • Less than $16,862 for a married couple

There is an enrollment fee for the card of up to $30 so make sure you are saving more.

You will pay the first $250 (called a “deductible”).

Medicare will then pay 75% of costs between $250 and $2,250 in drug spending.

You will pay 25% of these costs.

You will pay 100% of the drug costs above $2,250 until you reach $3,600 in out-of-pocket spending. Medicare will pay 95% of the costs after you have spent $3,600.

Choose a card that offers the best discount according to your current medications and allows you to get your prescription filled at your local pharmacy. Most savings are from manufacturers’ rebates on their specific drugs. Compare the prices of your drugs in the different Medicare cards at www.medicare.gov.

For additional information:


1 (800) Medicare or 1 (800) 633-4227