Cardiac CT Angiography

Fast, Easy & Painless Test That Assesses Your Heart Disease

Cardiac disease or just indigestion?

About 5 million people present in Emergency Departments with chest pain every year. Only a fraction are actually suffering serious cardiac events. Now there's a fast, reliable way to help you rule out the cause of chest pain. It's called the LightSpeed® VCT CT imaging system from GE Healthcare and it's now available at Johnson City Medical Center.

The LightSpeed VCT does it, and fast. Capable of capturing entire organ structures in a one-second scan, the entire heart and coronary structures in five seconds, and a whole body vascular scan in 10, the LightSpeed® VCT represents the next evolution in CT. It doesn't just do it faster - it does it better and with more comfort. At Johnson City Medical Center, we think you deserve it. It is important to remember that this assessment is only intended as an estimate of your risk of heart disease or a heart attack. Talk to your doctor to find out if a cardiac scan makes sense for you.

As with any other diagnostic test, Coronary CT Angiography requires an order from a physician. Schedule an appointment with your physician.

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If you have any questions please
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