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CT Guided Biopsy



What should I expect the day of my exam? 

  • Report to Radiology Registration one hour prior to exam time
  • Do not eat or drink 6 hours prior to scheduled procedure time
  • Bring a list of all medications and allergies
  • Bring you physician's order
  • Bring any films or CDs from studies done at other facilities
  • Bring a driver or make arrangements for someone to pick you up after your biopsy


After registration in radiology, you'll be taken to the Diagnostic Imaging Staging Area and placed in a bed.
Once you are placed in a bed, a nurse will ask you questions about your medical history, start an IV for medications and draw labs, if necessary.

The actual biopsy procedure takes about one hour. However, you must allow time for preparation and recovery from this procedure. You should plan to be at the hospital anywhere from 6-8 hours.


A registered nurse will accompany you throughout your exam, and a CT technologist will be performing the scan. An interventional radiologist will review your films prior to beginning the procedure and will give you step-by-step instructions of the procedure. The nurse and technologist will then place you on the table and scan the area for the biopsy. You will have a blood pressure cuff and heart monitor leads to monitor your vital signs during the exam. Once the area is scanned, the technologist will clean your skin and place sterile covers around this area. The radiologist will use a small needle to numb the area for the biopsy. After the area is numbed, the radiologist will perform the biopsy. Prior to and during the procedure, you may receive medications through an IV to help you relax.


After your biopsy, you will return to the Diagnostic Imaging area, where a nurse will monitor
your vital signs and help you prepare to leave. Most people will go home 2 to 4 hours after
their biopsy. You'll be given instructions on your care before leaving the hospital. 

Keep physical activity to a minimum for the remainder of the day after your biopsy.
The biopsy area may be tender or sore for one to two days.