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CT Scan or Computer Axial Tomography (CT or CAT) Imaging

Computed Tomography, or CT, is an X-ray examination performed by a special scanner and computer. It provides more detailed images of the body's tissues and vessels than conventional X-rays. The CT scanner takes pictures (images) of the body in multiple cross-sections or slices, similar to the slices in a loaf of bread, allowing visualization of images in three dimensions.    

CT: Biopsy

The day of your biopsy you should:

  • Report to Admission/Registration one hour prior to exam time.
  • Not eat or drink 6 hours prior to scheduled procedure time.
  • Bring a list of all medications and allergies.
  • Bring your physician's order.
  • Bring any films or CDs from studies done at other facilities.
  • Bring a driver or make arrangements for someone to pick you up after your biopsy.

Cardiac CT/Angiography (CCTA)

  • NO SOLID FOOD 4 Hours prior to appointment. You may have liquids, but NO CAFFEINE 12 hours prior to exam.
  • Bring your physician's order and a list of your current medications.



Preparations can vary for each procedure.
Please consult your physician for proper preparation.