MRI - Ambient Experience

The Philips Ambient Experience, a new type of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) device, is currently in use at Norton Community Hospital (NCH), Indian Path Medical Center (IPMC), and Johnson City Medical Center (JCMC).

The Ambient Experience distracts and empowers patients by giving them choices in lighting, room design, audio and images to make getting an MRI a little easier. Patients have the choice of several different visual themes – for example, space, nature or abstract patterns. Using a touch screen or key card, the patient can actually change the MRI room to fit his or her tastes.

A team of experts from Philips Design analyzed the different facets of a patient’s hospital experience and came up with ways to reduce the anxiety and feelings of powerlessness that patients can feel. They also wanted to improve the work environment for the staff. From the team’s research, they identified key parts of the medical experience that they could improve. The Ambient Experience is the result, taking healthcare environmental design to the next level.

Environments can help empower, distract, calm or relax patients, especially children. In some cases, the Ambient Experience may help hospitals reduce the number of patients who require sedation, making scanning a shorter, safer, faster and simpler procedure.

The elements of Ambient Experience room design are separate from the actual scanning equipment, so state-of-the-art scanning technology is not affected in any way. The environment can, however, help the people who use the scanning equipment to be more relaxed and productive and make the experience nicer for patients and family members.

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