MSHA Sleep Center Services

About the Sleep Center at Mountain States Health Alliance

MSHA Sleep Center Accreditation information


Mountain States Health Alliance Can Help With Your Sleep Disorder

The sleep experts at MSHA’s Center for Sleep Disorders can help with these sleep services:

  1. Home Sleep Testing (HST) in the comfort of your home, depending on your insurance
  2. Sleep disorder consultations with board certified sleep physicians and supervised sleep clinicians
  3. CPAP management and follow-up
  4. In-lab sleep diagnostic testing for sleep apnea, undetermined excessive daytime sleepiness, restless leg syndrome and insomnia
  5. Mountain States Health Alliance has AASM Accrediated Sleep Labs throughout Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Contact the Center for Sleep Disorders at Mountain States Health Alliance

Johnson City Medical Center Sleep Center
 (423) 431-6816
Johnston Memorial Sleep Center
 (276) 857-7011
Norton Sleep Center
 (276) 439-1498
Russell County Medical Center Sleep Center
 (800) 633-4441 
Smyth County Community Hospital Sleep Center
 (276) 378-1140
Indian Path Medical Center Sleep Center
 (423) 857-7011
For more complex health issues (i.e. cardiac hx, COPD, cancer) an in-lab test is recommended.  If you have any problem obtaining an approval for the sleep study, please call 1-855-673-3376.