Family Guide


Please feel free to visit with the patient prior to surgery in the preoperative (pre-op) area.  However, after the patient is taken to Surgery Holding, visaitation may not be allowed due to our patients' privacy and confidentiality rights.

Special Needs

Please notify pre-op staff if you or another family member has any special needs so we may better assist you once you reach the Reception Area.

Scheduled Surgery Times

Surgery times are subject to change due to a variety of reasons such as:

  • Previous surgeries lasting longer than anticipated
  • Emergency surgeries
  • Delayed surgery cases


For your convenience later in the day, please move your car to the hospital's main parking lot.

Contact Numbers

It is highly recommended that family remain in the Reception Area during surgery to receive important updates and be available to speak with the physician after the patient's procedure is completed.  However, in the event you must leave, please inform your pre-op nurse and leave a phone number (preferably a cell phone) where you may be contacted if needed.

Please do not leave children unattended.

Where to Wait and Receive Surgery Updates

If the surgeon has already informed you that the patient will be admitted to the Adult Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after surgery, please check in with the ICU Nurse on the 2nd level for updates.  All other families of patients should wait in the Surgical Family Reception Area (1st Level), where you will be updated through the procedure.

Reception Areas

Due to available space and the sensitive nature of medical information given to families, we ask that only selected family members or friends occupy the ICU or Family Surgical Reception Areas (specifically, those will the patient's permission to receive medical information).   All other concerned visitors are asked to wait in the main lobby or cafeteria.

Patient Clothing

The patient's clothing will be transferred with the patient on the stretcher, or you may take clothing with you.  If the patient will be going home the day of the surgery, please keep the patient's clothes with you or close at hand.  Valuables should be kept with the family at all times or locked up if no family is available.

Room Assignments

After surgery, the nurse will inform you of the patient's room assignment or discharge time.

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