Program Overview:

The Aqua Connection exercise program at The Wellness Center offers individuals with arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic back conditions or other musculoskeletal needs the opportunity to participate in a supervised warm water exercise program. The program serves as a starting point for the individual who has arthritis or fibromyalgia into a warm-water exercise routine or as the "next step" in the progression from warm-water physical therapy to safe, independent exercise for those recovering from an injury or other musculoskeletal conditions. Members of The Wellness Center aquatic fitness staff supervise the program and regularly consult with the referring medical professional.

Program Benefits Include:

  • Improvement/progression in your specific diagnosis.
  • Further restoration or functional capacity as related to specific diagnosis.
  • Maintenance/improvement of your muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance.
  • Progression toward an independent exercise program.
Program Services:

Services provided to the participant during the program include:
  • Individual orientation to and supervision of a participant's customized exercise program,
    including ongoing assessment.
  • Safe exercise progression toward preset goals specific  to the participant's medical diagnosis.
  • Ongoing education about exercise and its  relationship to the specific diagnosis.

Note: The Aqua Connection program is not a replacement for physical therapy services.

Entry Criteria:

Referrals to the Aqua Connection exercise program are based on the following criteria:

  • Each individual must present a specific medical
    diagnosis, clearly indicated on a written referral
    form from his or her medical professional (see reverse side for referral form).
  • Specific functional goals to be achieved throughprogram participation should be stated on the program referral form and must be related to the diagnosis.

Where is the program offered?
The Wellness Center warm-water pool, 200 Med Tech Parkway, Suite 200, Johnson City, Tennessee.



Program Outline:

  • Program meets for 8 one-hour sessions twice per week.
  • Membership to The Wellness Center is not required.
  • Program is individualized based upon your medical diagnosis.
  • $60 for 8 sessions.
  • Sessions must be completed within 5 weeks of start date.
  • Upon completion of sessions, Aqua Connection staff will determine eligibility for continued enrollment in the Aqua Connection program or referral to membership at The Wellness Center.  

    Target Population:
    Any individual who has limitations related to exercise and/or requires specialized training and supervision in warm-water exercise, and has obtained medical referral for participation is a candidate. Medical referrals must be received from a physician, physical therapist or other health care professional. See reverse side for referral form.

Printable brochure and registration form