About Wings

  Based in Carter County, TN

WINGS II Based in Greene County, TN

Based in Letcher County, KY

WINGS IV Based in Smyth County, VA

MSHA Wings MissionThe mission of Wings Air Rescue is to save lives through the skills of a professional flight crew working in conjunction with area hospitals and emergency services in the region. When distance, location or road conditions could delay transport or endanger a patient's condition, Wings Air Rescue is available for rapid and expert transport.

MSHA Wings - The AircraftAll four Wings aircraft are Bell 407s.  They have a top speed of 160 mph and serve an area of 125 nautical miles from their respective bases.  With a normal fuel load the aircraft can operate for 2 hours with a 600 pound cargo load.  This enables us to transport one patient and the flight crew, consisting of a Flight Nurse, Flight Paramedic and Pilot.  The Bell 407 is one of the most popular EMS helicopters in the nation because of its reliability and unmatched safety and performance.  Our helicopters are equipped with the latest communication systems, night vision goggles, a 15 million-candlepower Sun Burst lighting unit and SkyTrac GPS system.

Prior to going into operation all aircraft are medically configured. The stretcher can be replaced with an isolette to transport neonatal or pediatric patients.  The helicopter receives a daily inspection in addition to the scheduled maintenance inspections. A full-time Bell Certified helicopter mechanic is assigned to each base and is responsible for keeping the aircraft ready for flight.  These components, together with a highly trained crew, allow for safe operations and optimal patient care.