Flying in the mountains and rural areas has its own challenges.  Add flying at night and landing in unimproved areas, and the risk increases considerably.   To minimize these risks and increase safety, Wings Air Rescue has implemented the use of Anvis F4949 Night Vision Goggles.  All crew members are equipped with night vision binoculars.  Each of the four aircraft has been specially configured to filter light.

Anvis F4949 goggles intensify light 6,000 times.  To put this into perspective, unaided night vision is 20/200.  With these goggles on, we are able to see approximately 20/20 at night.  Though our visual acuity has increased, the NVGs do not magnify objects.

The binocular is mounted on the crew member’s helmet and can be flipped up and stowed in that position for patient care.  A battery pack mounted on the back of the helmet serves not only as a power source but as a counter weight.  This addition has given our highly trained crew the ability to decrease risk and increase safety during night-time operations.