Perinatal Center:
Our center is established to provide resources to maintain the highest level of consultative high-risk pregnancy care. Though collaboration with Quillen ETSU Physicians OB/GYN we have a state-of-the art facility that specializes in the latest Perinatal treatments and the most advanced ultrasound imaging available. Located in Johnson City, TN we service the NE TN and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to maintaining the health of our community and structure our office so that we can provide education to regional staff to maintain certifications and receive updated information regarding the high risk pregnancy and preterm infant so they may have access to regional referral systems when needed. This system is designed to provide our patients with the best possible care.


Our staff:
We are extremely proud of our staff. Each member plays an important role in our referral process. We feel that the success of our Regional Center is made possible because of the dedicated professionals on our team. They are here to help assist regional Perinatal nursing through education to include: Labor and Delivery, Postpartum and Neonatal nursing. Our facility participates in ongoing quality initiatives to continue to provide the most comprehensive, effective and efficient patient care. Our goal is to provide referral services to physicians so the patients may consult with a specialist which can explain each option and procedure, and reduce your anxiety. We recognize the emotional stress that often accompanies a high-risk pregnancy, and we strive to provide you with the highest level of care and understanding.

Our standards:
Our NE TN Regional Perinatal System was founded on a total commitment to you, the patient, and the health of your unborn baby. We have carefully combined all the elements that will ensure your optimal care, including a comforting environment and a compassionate staff. We emphasize:

Quality care:
We strive for excellence in all aspects of your care and treatment. Though our referral service you may feel secure knowing that we will do everything possible to protect the health of your baby

A team approach:  Quillen ETSU Physicians OB/GYN work's closely with your primary obstetrician. The Neonatologist at ETSU Physicians and Associates also provide up to date information the pediatrician of you choice. This allows you pediatrician to have background and updates on your baby so the transition from the NICU may go smoothly. This includes maintaining close communication during the decision making process and providing complete reports of all tests, evaluations, and recommendations regarding your care.

Perinatal consultation:
A perinatalogist (otherwise referred to as a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist) is an obstetrician/gynecologist with specialized training in high-risk pregnancies. A perinatalogist is board-certified by the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology in both OBGYN and Maternal-Fetal Medicine, and possess the knowledge and expertise to effectively care for your individual condition. Perinatal consultation is helpful whenever a pregnancy is complicated by a medical, obstetrical, or genetic condition, or when there is a suspected ultrasound abnormality. In an attempt to enhance the outcome of your pregnancy, our Perinatal team works in collaboration with your referring OB doctor to optimally identify your risks and effectively manage your pregnancy.