Perinatal referral service:
To accomplish our goal of providing the highest level of care, we offer referral services for a full spectrum of consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic services for women and their babies during their pregnancy. These services are aimed to minimize neonatal intensive care and improve your baby's outcome. We utilize an integrated, comprehensive team approach, providing our patients with referral services to physicians and facilities which provide state-of-the-art technology and specialized services such as:












Dr. Selman Welt is Co-Director of the NE TN Regional Perinatal Center and
also serves as Division Head Department MFM, Dept OB/GYN with Quillen ESTU Physicians OB GYN.

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Some women and their babies, due to age, medical condition, or history, are at a higher risk for pregnancy complications. Through the NE TN Regional Perinatal Referral System we can help pregnant women educate themselves with a wide range of conditions, such as:

 For additional education about your pregnancy, please refer to the informational links below.

This information is inteded for education purposes only not for diagnosis.

If you do experience a preterm birth or ill infanct at delivery our facility provides 24/7 NICU care directed by Dr. Michael DeVoe.