Norton Community Hospital

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Marathon Childbirth Class
9:00 am - 4:30 pm
3rd Saturday, every other month
Cost: $20

This is a 1 day Childbirth class that will discuss such topics as Third Trimester of Pregnancy, The Labor Process, Birth, Breathing and Relaxation Techniques, Pain Management and Post Partum Care.  This class is very fast paced and does not go into as much detail as the Series Childbirth Class but is great for those on a busy schedule. Lunch is not provided and participants should bring 2 pillows and blanket/mat to class..

Register for class by the 28th week.

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

3rd Monday of every other month
Cost: $10

Breastfeeding Basics class meets one time for two hours.  The class is designed to help new moms understand how to begin breastfeeding, how breast milk is produced, all topics to assist new moms in getting started the 'right way'!  The goal is to provide moms and support people with information to be successful in breastfeeding their newborn. 

Class should be taken 32-38 weeks

All Classes are scheduled in Day Room off of cafeteria hallway. Enter Main entrance of hospital, follow signs for cafeteria or Day Room.  

Cash or Check accepted for payment night of class.  

**Inclement Weather Policy**  If the schools close or are closed in the county where the class is being held - classes will be cancelled.  Marathon Classes - the instructor will notify participants by 7am morning of class if class will be cancelled.  If a participant feels their roads are too dangerous, please do not attempt to drive to class.