Did you know that choosing your baby's birthday may not be the best start for your child?

At the end of your pregnancy YOU may be ready for your little one to be born, but trying to hasten his arrival could lead to complications. In most cases, letting labor begin on its own is best.



The March of Dimes recommends that labor be induced only when the health of the mother or baby is at risk. Inducing labor when it's not required increases the risks for mother AND baby.

If you are considering labor induction, you may want to ask your healthcare provider these questions:

  • How will you induce my labor?
  • How long might it take?
  • What are the risks of inducing labor?

Help give your baby a great start! If you are pregnant and considering elective labor induction, please talk to your healthcare provider about the risks. Visit the March of Dimes website for more information.