What is Prenatal Care?

Prenatal care is intended to monitor the progress of your pregnancy and identify potential problems before they become serious for either mom or the baby. As soon as you think you are pregnant, call your healthcare provider to find out when you should come in for your first prenatal care appointment.

What if I Smoke or Drink Alcohol?

Smoking can cause your baby to grow more slowly and gain less weight in the womb. Smoking during pregnancy has also been linked to preterm labor and other pregnancy complications. Pregnant women should also avoid secondhand smoke. Drinking alcohol while you are pregnant may affect your baby.

What Should I Eat?

Eating healthy foods is important. Talk to your healthcare provider about proper nutrition and check out Choose My Plate(www.choosemyplate.gov) for details on portion sizes and food choices.

When Should I Call to Sign Up For Prenatal Classes?

Call and sign up between 25 and 30 weeks, and begin taking classes around or after 32 weeks.

How Much Weight Should I Gain?

Gaining the right amount of weight helps protect your baby's health. Talk to your healthcare provider about how much weight you should gain.

What if I am Over 35?

Healthy women over age 35 usually have healthy pregnancies, but have an increased risk of complications. It is important to see your healthcare provider regularly.

Can I Exercise?

Unless there are medical reasons to avoid it, pregnant women can and should try to exercise moderately for at least 30 minutes on most days. It's important that you discuss your exercise plans with your healthcare provider.

What Vitamins/Minerals Should I Take?

Most women are encouraged to take a prenatal vitamin that includes folic acid everyday.