Birth Certificate

Your baby's birth certificate is an important legal document that will be used by your child throughout his or her life. State law requires that a Certificate of Birth be filed with the Tennessee state registrar within 5 days after the birth, so it is helpful if you complete a birth registration worksheet that will be given to you in the hospital.

If you are not married but both you and the father would like to have the father's name and information added to your baby's birth certificate, this can be done by signing a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity form. Both you and the father need to sign the form and have the signatures notarized at the time of birth certificate completion. Both parents are required to present a means of identification. If either parent is under the age of 18, a parent/guardian must also present identification and provide a signature at the time of birth certificate completion.

After your baby's birth certificate has been completed, the hospital will send it to the state registrar's office, where the birth will be legally registered. While you are in the hospital,we will provide verbal and written information about how you can obtain an official, certified copy of this certification from the state registrar.

If changes or corrections need to be made after the state registrar has processed the certificate, there may be a fee to make the changes. Later changes may require a court order.

Social Security Number

While in the hospital, you may also begin the process of obtaining a Social Security number for your child through the state offices of Vital Records and Social Security. It may take up to 17 weeks to receive a Social Security card for your baby after filing.