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If you have questions regarding your baby's condition  or care, don't be afraid to ask.

Help protect your baby from germs that cause infection. Wash your hands! Wash with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before handling your baby. Remind everyone who comes into direct contact with your baby to wash their hands, including the NICU staff. If friends or family are sick, ask them
to wait until they are well before visiting your baby.

Sometimes it is hard to feel "involved" when so much of your baby's care is out of your control. Make yourself available for opportunities to help with your baby's care. You may be able to change your baby's diaper or take your baby's temperature.


You may not feel like it at the time, but it is OK to go home and rest. Your baby needs you to be rested and healthy. You don't need to be physically drained when it is time to bring your baby home.

You will probably feel overwhelmed at times throughout this experience. Don't be afraid to seek the counsel of your pastor or religious leader. Sometimes you just need someone to listen
to you. You will also find some team members
at the hospital who are willing to help you
talk through some of the things that are troubling you.

Trust the NICU staff to give your baby the best care!