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Women's Imaging Services

Diagnostic imaging is playing a more vital role in the health care needs of women. Mountain States Health Alliance offers a range of testing and diagnostic services for women in convenient and private settings. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and highly trained and caring staff assist radiologists in obtaining diagnostic information that will enable your personal physician to make decisions regarding your care. Our diagnostic facilities for women include:

Tennessee Imaging Facilities

  • Indian Path Medical Center
  • Johnson County Community Hospital
  • Sycamore Shoals Hospital
  • Women's Health and Imaging Center

Virginia Imaging Facilities

  • Dickenson Community Hospital
  • Johnston Memorial Hospital
  • Johnston Memorial Hospital, Women's Center
  • Norton Community Hospital
  • Russell County Medical Center
  • Smyth County Community Hospital

We have a strong commitment to patient service.


We are especially committed to accommodating your schedule, addressing your personal concerns and informing you of services available. The Women's Diagnostic Center assures quality care at an affordable cost. Procedures that can be scheduled for you include:

  • Screening Mammogram. An X-ray procedure that includes two views of each breast. This type of mammogram is performed on women who have no noticeable breast symptoms. It is a very simple, cost-effective technique that could save your life. Your examination results will be promptly reported to you and your physician by a follow-up letter. If your results reveal any changes or show an area of concern, it does not mean you have breast cancer, only that further studies are needed.

  • Diagnostic Mammogram. An X-ray procedure that includes two views of each breast with additional views as the radiologist deems necessary. This type of mammogram is performed on women who have lumps, nipple discharge, implants, prior lumpectomies, or any other breast symptoms, changes or concerns. A diagnostic mammogram may lead to additional procedures. A radiologist is usually present for this procedure.

  • Ductogram. A mammographic procedure in which dye is introduced into the nipple for enhanced visualization of the breast ducts. This procedure is recommended for women when unusual discharge from the nipple is present.

  • Focal Spot Compression. An additional mammographic view that focuses on a specific area of the breast that needs further evaluation.

  • Magnification Mammogram. An enlarged image of a specific area of the breast to further evaluate an area of concern on a mammogram.Services offered

  • Stereotactic Biopsy. A method to obtain a sample of tissue from a suspicious area of the breast using a computer-guided needle instead of surgery.

  • Needle Localization Biopsy. The placement of a special wire, prior to surgery, to aid the surgeon in locating a questionable area identified on a mammogram, but not detectable in a breast exam.

Remember, new medical advancements and early detection save lives. That's why we're here at The Women's Diagnostic Center ... to help you obtain good health and peace of mind.