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When it comes to eating healthfully, there’s much more to think about than just getting the right amount of nutrients every day. If you want to be healthy, you’ll have to incorporate healthy habits into every aspect of your diet, including the way you cook. Some women have a lot of responsibility when it comes to cooking—you might be feeding a family, including small children. But even if you’re only cooking for one, you still have the responsibility of taking care of yourself, and that starts with paying attention. Take the extra time to read labels and choose lower fat, healthier ingredients over easy stand-bys like prepared foods or processed meats. Even if you think you’re too busy to take such care with your cooking, by thinking ahead, you can prepare meals in advance and freeze them or find quick and healthy alternatives.

First thing’s first when it comes to healthy home cooking, and that’s having the right ingredients on hand. Healthy cooking starts at the food store. If you need to, make a list before you take a trip to the market so you have your own guideline to go by and don’t end up picking out unhealthy alternatives. Keep your kitchen well-stocked with healthy choices such as whole grain pastas and brown rice, frozen vegetables and fruits, low fat dairy products and protein sources. You might also want to take an occasional trip to the market during the week to pick up fresh vegetables and fruit that will optimize the flavor and experience you get from preparing them.

If you’re a mom, you have the added responsibility of providing a healthy example for your children. Child obesity is a reality in today’s society, and the key to prevention is at home. Take the extra effort to cook and shop with nutrition in mind so that you can support your health and the health of your children.

Cooking healthfully can be very fun. Seek out healthy cookbooks and trade recipes with like-minded friends. Some health-oriented cooking magazines offer innovative cooking tips, not to mention mouth-watering photographs.

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