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Be wary of new, popular, promising “diets.” While some women feel great and look great after adhering to a proper fad diet, most of us these diets will only make false promises, negatively affect our health, or confuse our bodies. If you’re eating for weight loss, the best advice is to consume less calories than you burn, but to focus on a varied, balanced diet that includes all nutrients and low fat. The allure of lots of these fad diets is that they offer a get-skinny-quick scheme that seems to involve little effort. Weight loss, like most worthwhile ends, requires a good deal of patience, practice and effort. If a diet is based on convenience, ease and fast results, it’s most likely not the right diet for you.

You can usually tell if a fad diet is going to be a waste of your time by learning about it. For example, if the diet promises unrealistic results, such as unbelievable before-and-after photos, you might have reason to be skeptical. Limited-choice diets that require you to eat a lot of one particular product are unhealthy in that they limit your ability to get a variety of nutrients. But they are also difficult to maintain. If you’re constantly eating the same thing every day, with only one opportunity to exercise your right to choose, you might end up splurging or breaking your diet regimen, and this could lead to more weight gain. In fact, many of the fast-fix fad diets will perhaps promote weight loss in the short-term, but you may end up gaining weight in the long-term.

Some diets work very well for people who balance the diet with regular check-ups and advice from a dietitian or a healthcare provider. Any diet that you are thinking about starting should first be run by your provider. He or she will have the knowledge and experience to discuss the health benefits or risks of the diet, and will offer to guide you through a trial period if it is approved. Remember that everyone’s body is different. Just because a diet worked wonders for your neighbor doesn’t mean it’s going to do you any good. The best bet for a diet, even if it seems to be a fad, is one that allows you variety and choice in the foods you consume. Always balance a diet with the right amount of exercise for weight loss results. Look for scientific and medical evidence regarding the diet you’re interested in. Research will help you find the answers you need to make an educated decision. Make sure all of the information you find is certified and reliable, and reviewed by healthcare professionals.

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