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One key to taking care of your body is to cut out substance abuse. Some women overuse substances such as alcohol or abuse drugs in order to deal with the pressures of their lives, or as a form of recreation. If you or someone close to you has a problem with addiction or substance abuse, professional help is a viable option. Addiction often takes hold of a woman and she can’t make clear-headed decisions on her own. The concern of friends and family is sometimes not enough, and she may feel alone or out of control. That’s why counseling, detox programs and rehabilitation are the best options for addiction recovery. If you don’t feel like you’re addicted to any substance, it’s still important to keep in mind the damaging effects of certain substances on your body.

You may maintain a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle, but if you choose to over drink, smoke, or use drugs, you are putting foreign and often toxic substances into your body and reversing the effects of all of that good you’ve done for yourself.

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