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Where do we start? The media’s influence on our body image has infiltrated everywhere. You can’t turn around without being bombarded with another gleaming, thin model or movie star smiling at you as if it were really that easy. If the heroine-induced junky types in the fashion magazines aren’t bad enough, the women on sitcoms and movies are all getting thinner, and it seems like you can’t look at a billboard or the side of a bus without being reminded that the media is into skinny women. When you’re constantly confronted with this kind of pressure, you need to keep a clear head about you.

First thing’s first: Remember it’s not reality. Even though the model is wearing a gorgeous outfit you want, or the actress looks like she’s normal, they’re not real. There’s a little thing called airbrushing that will do wonders for the least flat of tummies. The airbrush gets rid of blemishes, trims down waists and fills out butts and breasts. Then there’s the whole movie star lifestyle to consider. Remember those movie stars you see gallivanting around your television screens are paid to look fabulous. They have hired teams of professionals that follow them around all day, doing their hair, forcing them to work out and cooking low-calorie meals. Plus, TV and movies also use airbrushing and specific, flattering lighting to make all of the people look perfect onscreen. The list of reasons why the images you see in the media are unreal just goes on and on.

You’re a grown adult, and you probably already know all of this information. But the thing is, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything flashing in front of your face in this fast-paced media-oriented world that your health and self-esteem often get discarded in the search for the “ideal.” Check out the rest of this website for the real "ideal" when it comes to health, and looks will follow.