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Menopause brings with it certain vaginal changes, some of which may be positive and some of which may be less so. Because of the changing estrogen levels in your body, you may experience dryness. Also, the tissues lining your vagina and urethra (opening to your bladder) change. These changes may contribute to greater sensitivity, burning or itchiness. You may also experience a higher incidence of urinary tract or vaginal infections. The higher risk of infection can sometimes lead to anxiety about having sex. You can treat vaginal dryness with over-the-counter gels or suppository lubricants, such as KY Jelly, sold at most pharmacies. Sexual intercourse may put pressure on your abdomen that can contribute to stress incontinence. If so, urinate before engaging in sexual activity. If this is a problem, see the second on incontinence.

The good news is that some women feel particularly liberated about sex after menopause because they don’t have anxiety about the possibility of becoming pregnant.

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