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Emotional Health and Abuse/Violence
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A history of abuse and violence is directly linked to emotional health. Abuse is never OK. If you think that you are in an abusive situation, or know somebody who is, you should contact an organization that can help. There are numerous resources for victims of abuse, including XXXXXXXX. Because of the increased vulnerability of women to violence and abuse, you should be constantly aware of the dangers of abuse and learn how to avoid abusive situations. If you feel threatened in a relationship, you may be in an abusive relationship. If you have ever been physically hurt, sexually molested or forced to have sex, or if someone in your life emotionally abuses you (by repeatedly insulting you or behaving in controlling ways), then you may be in an abusive relationship and should seek help. You are not alone.

Some signs of an abusive relationship include:

  • controlling tendencies
  • irrational jealousy
  • isolation
  • unexplained injuries
  • joking references to violence
  • a friend who is quiet and upset, but refuses to share the reasons

Because of the damaging effects of persistent abuse on a child’s psyche, repercussions of abuse may be experienced well into adulthood. These might include anxiety, depression, panic, phobias, personality disorders, and other serious conditions. Every person deals with abuse differently, and there is no standard emotional disorder that arises from abuse. You should know that it is normal to feel confused and emotionally disturbed if you have been a victim of any type of abuse in your lifetime.

If you have been or currently are a victim of abuse, whether it was physical, sexual or incestuous, you might be experiencing serious emotional problems. That is understandable. Counselors who specialize in these situations can help. Group therapy and support networks are also very effective in treating emotional disorders related to abuse.

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