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Suicidal Feelings
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Fleeting thoughts about death are not uncommon, but persistent suicidal feelings and the act of planning your suicide are serious. If you notice that you are often thinking of suicide or death, you should seek help immediately. You shouldn’t feel alone or helpless if you are suicidal, there is support and there is always help for you. Most people who feel suicidal believe that there is no hope for them, but this is not true. Medical treatment and therapy is often successful in preventing suicide. If you feel compelled to kill yourself, please call a suicide hotline XXXXXXXXX or see a counselor immediately.

If you notice warning signs in somebody you know, you should seek help immediately. Warning signs include:

  • talking about wanting to die
  • talking about wanting to disappear
  • reckless behavior
  • getting affairs in order/giving away possessions
  • isolation
  • major behavioral changes
  • suffering a major loss or change
  • unsuccessful suicide attempts
  • talking about being worthless
  • sustained bouts of depression

People with depression or substance abuse problems can become suicidal. If you have diagnosed depression, talk with your therapist about measures for preventing suicidal thoughts, especially if you are on any form of anti-depressant.

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