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Low Impact vs. High Impact
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The first choice you’ll make when considering the appropriate exercise program is the decision between high impact and low impact activity. If you’re exercising for the health benefits of getting into shape, looking good and preventing disease, then you will most likely choose low impact exercise. Some more serious athletes or experienced exercisers who are training toward an ambitious goal engage in high impact activity. High impact training involves maximum exertion, such as running for long periods of time (over an hour) and engaging in competitive sports such as soccer or an intense match of tennis. High impact activity is not advised for the inexperienced woman who is looking to start gradually. In fact, many health problems have been linked with high impact exercise, most commonly bone problems and joint injuries. Low-impact exercise is a great way to improve your fitness level and avoid the strenuous exercise and needless strain that comes with high impact activity. Moderate weight training, walking, swimming and jogging are all forms of low impact exercise. Don’t think just because something is “low impact” means it’s any less beneficial to your health. Unless you’re experienced and well-trained, the best bet for a steady exercise routine is low impact.

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Low Impact vs. High Impact
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