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When it comes to paying for cosmetic surgery, you’re pretty much on your own. Because cosmetic surgery is elective and based upon aesthetic desires rather than health necessities, insurance companies will not pay for the procedures. The only reasons for an insurance company to cover a cosmetic procedure include:

  • Breast reduction, if your breasts are so large that you have back problems or other health-related difficulties
  • Rhinoplasty that will help to relieve recurring breathing and nasal difficulties
  • Dermatological or surgical procedures that will fix severe scarring from injury, other surgery or burns
  • Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy or another form of breast cancer surgery.

Most of these reasons could be considered reconstructive surgery. The costs for cosmetic surgery really add up. Be upfront with your surgeon in the beginning and ask for an accurate estimate of how much of a bill you will incur over the course of the procedure. You should be prepared for the expense, and also for the possible expense of treating any complications that arise from the procedure. Most often, the insurance companies will not cover follow-up surgeries or treatments for any complications that arise during an initially cosmetic-based surgery.