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Choosing the Right Clothing
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When it comes to finding the right clothing for exercising and sports, you’ll need to pay close attention. The wrong shoes or the lack of a sports bra can cause injuries that will make it difficult to enjoy your workout. When shopping for new exercise apparel, make sure it’s sports-friendly and will protect you when you need it.

Sneakers are a major part of how you perform in your sport, or how you keep in shape with your exercise routine. When you go to the store, see the different sections for all types of shoes for each sport or activity. Pay attention to this. Companies make shoes designed for different activities, with extra support in places that are specifically needed. For example if you’re a runner, you don’t want to get hiking boots. And if you’re a volleyball player, running shoes aren’t going to do the trick either. If you’re into all types of exercise, maybe weight-training, walking and running, you might want to get a pair of cross-trainers. Also be sure to find the best shoe for your foot type. For example, there are shoes with extra support in the ankle, if you have weak ankles. Sometimes when you buy a new pair of shoes, they will be uncomfortable at first and might even cause blisters. After a few weeks, your feet will become used to the shoes and you shouldn’t feel any more discomfort. If you do, those might not be the shoes for you.

Sports bras are really important. They contain your breasts and keep you from “bouncing” during high energy sports or lots of running. You don’t want to confine your chest, but instead you want to find a sports bra that has a good fit and allows for some movement. Regular bras will not provide the support needed from a sports bra. Also, if you don’t wear a bra at all, you risk problems later on with sagging and all of that bouncing will be very uncomfortable. Find the right sports bra for you by picking out your favorite color, finding a comfortable and breathable fabric, and getting the right size. As far as size goes, you don’t want it to be too small that it is uncomfortable or causes chafing…but you also don’t want a sports bra that is too big because you won’t get the best support.

Clothing is less important for exercising than shoes and sports bras, but it still makes a difference. Find clothes made of light, breathable material to prevent chafing and to keep your body aired out and help with sweat. Dress for the weather, and this might mean bringing layers. Sometimes you will have to practice or play a game or match in really cold temperatures. Bring extra layers and even spandex and long underwear to prevent yourself from getting sick and to keep your muscles warm. In the heat, make sure you wear light clothing and drink plenty of water. Sometimes, women think that if they wear extra layers on hot days and exercise, they will burn more calories. This is dangerous because it could cause overheating or heat stroke.