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Many women have such an unhealthy body image that it becomes distorted. That means that you look in the mirror and see an image of yourself that doesn’t exist. You might think you are fat, when you’re really underweight. You completely blow your flaws out of proportion, or even invent flaws, and become so preoccupied with them that your perception of yourself is unreal. This is a sign of a problem, and if you think you have a distorted body image, it’s best to seek help. That’s difficult for most women with distorted body images, because they are so wrapped up in the distortion they can’t acknowledge they have a problem. The most obvious issue relating to this distorted body image is the development of eating disorders. Eating disorders are serious psychological conditions that can be extremely, permanently damaging to your health. Eating disorders, if not treated, can be fatal. You might think that eating disorders are for your daughter, or your little sister. But eating disorders affect more and more adult women every year. It doesn’t get any easier as you get older.

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