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Once you become sexually active, you need to be aware of safe sex. Safe sex is the single most important aspect of healthy sexuality. By being aware of the consequences of unsafe sexual behavior, you will quickly realize that STDs and unwanted pregnancies are not worth the impulse of the moment. As an adult, you should make responsible decisions. This includes the responsibility of protecting yourself and your partner against the spread of disease. If you are sexually active but do not plan on starting a family, or if you have multiple partners, you should make sure you know the risk of becoming pregnant. Many types of convenient and effective birth control and protection methods are available to modern women. Remember that, although some birth control and protection options are reliable, the only 100% guaranteed way to prevent pregnancy and avoid STDs is through abstinence.

You have many choices when it comes to birth control and protection. It’s really important that you learn about your options and understand how your method of choice works, how to use it appropriately, and know about the possible side effects. If you are going to allow birth control to work for you, a proper understanding of how your method interacts with your body is crucial.

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