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Choosing a Surgeon
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A key factor in evaluating your legitimate candidacy for surgery, and then for eliminating the risks of that surgery, is choosing the right surgeon. This is a process that might mean checking out a few offices before settling on the proper setting for your surgery, if you settle on one at all.

The first way to find out if your cosmetic surgeon is a good choice is to see how you relate to each other. Do you feel comfortable talking about your desires, concerns and questions? You are going to be relying on your surgeon for advice and support over the next period of time. It’s important that you feel comfortable discussing all aspects of your health and the procedure. Plus, you’ll have to trust your surgeon to tell you if you aren’t a healthy candidate for cosmetic surgery. If one surgeon isn’t fitting your needs, try another. Because insurance doesn’t cover most (if any) cosmetic procedures, the field is pay-on-demand. Make sure your surgeon is interested in your health and seems concerned with your emotional well-being. Ask your cosmetic surgeon about therapy options for before, during and after the procedure to help with the emotional issues involved with cosmetic surgery. Always make sure your surgeon is board-certified, and ask your primary provider and your friends for referrals before choosing a surgeon. The American Board of Plastic Surgery is the only board in the United States that certifies plastic surgeons.