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So, your body is pear-shaped. And your sister has the “perfect figure.” What else is new? The fact of the matter is: Everybody’s body is different, even sisters. To try to look a certain way without taking into consideration your natural body shape is torture; it’s also unhealthy. Some women are born with more muscular, stocky bodies—others are born with lanky limbs. Body type is like height, you can’t fight it. It’s just something you’re born with. Furthermore, there is no specific body type, contrary to popular belief. Some fitness gurus might try to quantify your body type into a category. But, just like you learned when you were a little girl, everybody’s different. Your body type might look like somebody else’s, but it’s still slightly different. You can associate your body with a specific “type,” but remember that you’re also unique. Regardless, you need to realize that you were born with a body that isn’t going to change unless you have some massive surgeries and all you can do is keep it healthy and in shape.

Some women adopt unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as excessive over-exercise and disordered eating, in order to attain an unnatural body type. It's easier to embrace your body type. Learn to love it. There are tons of fashion tips out there to suit the needs of all different body types. So look for that information in a magazine or at your favorite clothing store. If you need to, identify with a beautiful celebrity who has a body type similar to yours. Of course, most celebrities are a bit too thin and they might not be a realistic model for body image. However, if you look around you you’ll notice women everywhere—famous, glamorous or not—who share your body type and do so with style and beauty.