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With all of this talk about air pollutants, contaminated water, allergies and the environment—your head might just be swimming in worry. You probably see startling stories on the news every night and hear about new “studies” that lead you to believe it’s more and more dangerous to live in the twenty-first century. Well, hold on. There’s no need to live in a bubble or wear a gas mask to the grocery store. As long as you’re mindful of the environment and conscientious about hazardous situations, you should be fine. Contact the EPA if you’re very concerned, and get in touch with your local environmental watch to see how healthy your living area is.

Getting away from the hustle bustle of crowded areas for a vacation might be a good idea not only for your lungs and allergies, but also for your stress levels. Keeping up healthy eating habits and exercising regularly will also get you in top shape so you can remain healthy, even in the face of pollution. And remember that every study you “hear” about on the news, in a magazine, from your neighbor or on the Internet isn’t the absolute truth. There’s a difference between scholarly, scientific research and alarmist studies that people cite for a good scoop. If you’re really concerned about a specific study, learn how to evaluate health information and do extensive research to get the real skinny.

For now you can put the plans for the bubble on hold and keep enjoying your environment, with a little bit of protection of course.

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