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The Pelvic Exam
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  Most women don’t realize that the Pap test is not the sole point of the visit to the ob/gyn. The pelvic exam is also very important in preventive healthcare and allows your ob/gyn to monitor your health and check for any abnormalities. You will have a routine pelvic exam at every annual visit with your ob/gyn. The pelvic exam is performed so that your doctor can look for any abnormalities that may include cysts, tumors, sores, infections or muscle weaknesses. This can help to identify the source of any discomfort or abnormal discharge you may be experiencing. The pelvic exam consists of your ob/gyn visually checking your vulva as well as the internal walls of your vagina and cervix with the use of the speculum. Next, your doctor will perform a bimanual exam, and will insert two gloved fingers inside your vagina while pressing down on your abdomen to examine your uterus and ovaries. Sometimes the rectal area will also be examined.