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What to Ask Your Gynecologist
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Many women view the ob/gyn as another errand to run. You might want to get the routine exams, get the prescription for your birth control pill, and get out of there before you’re late for work, as fast as you can. But, taking a few extra minutes to voice your concerns and ask any questions will be invaluable for your health and your state of mind. Because when you go to the ob/gyn, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns that you don’t quite know how to ask. In fact, many women feel uncomfortable talking about what really concerns them about their gynecological health. You might be surprised to know your ob/gyn really wants you to ask questions. Even though he or she may seem busy, there is never a rush when it comes to your concerns. Plus, you waited all that time in the waiting room to see the doctor, you might as well get the most out of your experience. And just remember your ob/gyn may not come out and talk to you about certain topics unless you ask first. Some recommended questions include:

  • Should I be tested for sexually transmitted diseases?
  • Is my sexual behavior safe? Is it normal for a woman my age?
  • What about emergency contraception? How can I get it if I need it?
  • What do my sexual problems mean?
  • Why do I have arousal problems?
  • Why can’t I have an orgasm?
  • I was abused in the past, what does this mean for my gynecological health?
  • I was raped. How can that experience affect my gynecological health?
  • How do my lifestyle habits, including smoking, drinking and illicit drug use, affect my gynecological health?