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Once you are diagnosed with infertility, and especially if you have identified a particular cause of your infertility, your provider will recommend treatment options that may increase your chances of becoming pregnant and delivering a healthy baby.

Most treatments can be offered by a physician or your ob/gyn, but there are also specialists who focus on infertility, called reproductive endocrinologists. You may feel more secure talking with a specialist about your options, or getting a second opinion from a reproductive endocrinologist. Other women feel better getting treatment through a doctor they already have grown to trust and respect. The choice for who you want to treat your infertility is yours.

Keep in mind that insurance coverage for infertility testing and treatment can become tricky. Some states offer infertility insurance coverage legislation, which requires that all insurance plans cover some part of infertility treatment. North Carolina is not one of those states. If you are concerned about insurance coverage, contact your state insurance coverage office to discuss any pending legislation. You may also want to meet with your insurance company or a representative from human resources in your place of employment to discover your options for coverage.

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