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Many parents don’t realize that if they have a boy, they need to make the decision about circumcision in the hospital after the birth, unless they plan to have a Bris. Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin from the infant’s penis. The procedure is done in the hospital, using local anesthesia. During a Bris, the procedure is done eight days after the baby is born, usually by somebody trained in religious circumcision or by a doctor. Usually, it takes the infant several days to heal after circumcision. During this time, you will notice a thin yellow film around the area of circumcision, a small amount of bleeding and your son may be irritable or fussy.

Careful care of the penis is crucial during this time to prevent any types of infections. Be sure to put diapers on loosely and to clean the penis well. Ask your baby's provider for the best cleansing agent to use. Also, apply petroleum jelly to the healing areas of the penis to help prevent discomfort. You can talk to your doctor about pain relief medicine for your infant. If there is more than a little bit of bleeding, or a fever or signs of infection, call your pediatrician immediately to have your son examined. There are no striking health benefits to circumcision, but it may reduce the risk of infection. Circumcision is a common procedure that some families choose to do simply because it is so common. There are only very rare cases of health complications with the quick and easy procedure. Regardless of your opinion on circumcision, the choice is up to you, as the parent of the child.

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