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Blood Pressure
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You have your blood pressure taken almost every time you visit your healthcare provider’s office. It’s recommended that a healthy adult woman get her blood pressure taken at least every two years. Blood pressure is measured in two parts: systolic and diastolic; these are represented by the two numbers in your results. Sometimes you’ll hear people refer to systolic and diastolic when discussing blood pressure. Simply put, when someone tells you your blood pressure, they say something like, “Your blood pressure is 120/80.” This top number (120 in this example) is your systolic blood pressure, and the bottom number (80 in this example) is your diastolic blood pressure. Checking your blood pressure can detect hypertension, the condition of having high blood pressure. If you go without detected or treated high blood pressure, your risk for developing heart attack and failure, kidney damage and stroke increases. High blood pressure is treated through diet, exercise and some medication.