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Eating Out
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Eating out can be an enjoyable experience that you look forward to. Just because you want to eat well doesn’t mean you have to forego your favorite restaurants. Eating out gets dangerous and unhealthy when the decision is based on time and convenience rather than relaxation and enjoyment.

  • If you find yourself driving through fast food and picking up to-go orders because you’re too tired to cook, you might want to think of ways to reorganize your day to fit in time for a relaxed, healthy meal at home.
  • Take control of what you eat. If the bulk of your nutrition comes from restaurants, then you’re not in control of your food, and you could be loading up on fats without getting the basic nutrients you need.
  • Try preparing food in advance, maybe on a Sunday night, and freezing meal portions, to avoid the time crunch that forces you to keep eating out.
  • If you still feel the need to rush through the fast lane on your way to dinner, look for healthy options. Now even fast food chains are providing healthy options such as low-fat salads and vegetables. At most restaurants, there will be lighter or heart-healthy options to choose from.

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Eating Out
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